BMW 325 Gone Drifting

This is the first post in a series of the making ofs of my projects, someone my pick something useful from them:

STAGE 1 – Modeling:

Starting a body easy to model, i wanted to keep the mesh all together so this is all a single mesh block, no separate objects.
st.1.0 st.1.1

Add interiors, it’s just basic no massive details here, easy to model.

Detailing back lights, now i struggled whether to detail the light or just use a texture, ended up detailing it.

Added side mirrors, thought it will be problem to match the real one, turned easy.

Added door handle.

Added tire rims, matching a good rim to the car age and type is essential, so i went for BMW real one.

Clay render for the front and st.1.7a.clayst.1.7b.clay

STAGE 2 – Materials:

Adding basic materials, usually this stage is more intense in bigger scenes, here there is not much, still not looking good yet ha.

STAGE 3 – Lighting:

First render, and I’ve spent a fare amount of time on the front reflectors to get them right, it’s a Ziggy plane in an cube with an emission material behind, simple but takes time to get it right 1st time.

STAGE 4 – Scene:

Now a still render in a studio is boring, you need to add story to make it interesting, so i wanted to make a drifting

Now the car direction curve seemed wrong, and got that from many people :(, so i changed the camera:

As you can see the curve is still wrong, so i revamped into the right position, also now the image motion curves gives you the feeling of drifting better:

Adding decals, the workflow i used which is the easiest way to do it:
-first export the car unwrap UV map from blender
-import it as a layer in gimp
-search for decals over the internet and add them as layers in gimp
-export as PNG from gimp and add as material image in blender
now to check work progressively, i just export again from GIMP over the same PNG and refresh the image in blender
bmw 325 with decals

Still need to do the smoke, add some environment stuff, stay tuned :)…


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