Another House Making Of, also the sketch from searching the net I liked, this time more vegetation:

STAGE 1 – Modelling:

when doing complex design, start blocking first, it will make things easier to detect and you’ll see thing that you didn’t see before, also easier to try match the sketch

another step in blocking the house, no details yet.

Now I’ve finished the blocks, setup a sun light so I can see if it would match the shadows from the sketch.

More harsh sun light, and added front walls and windows, still the basic shape extrude process, no fancy modelling.

Adding a rock cliff using ANT landscape add-on and a tree using the sapling’s add-on, outlined the hill slope so I can start vegetation.

STAGE 2 – Materials + Rendering:

Setting up materials, Wood, nice Concrete texture on the under walls, ceilings, roofs, and Glass on the little windows we have.

Also added another tree behind the house to balance the space, HDR sky with simple positioning, the bushes below are image textures facing the camera to cover the hill, but it doesn’t look that good.

Here I’m still playing with the glass, and hesitant whether to have more transparency or reflection, also changed the modeled trees with image one, looks more real.
Added Ivy too which is easy using ivy generator add-on.

More transparent try on glass looks better, more experimenting the bushes positions by making them face away from the camera, still not working though.

STAGE 3 – Post Processing:

Using the compositor I added environments like DOF, also some camera effects like lens distortion, dispersion and vignette, then decreased the saturation and value a little. but it doesn’t look right still needs an element of focus.

Here I changed the sky to a more intense one, removed the modeled rock cliff because it felt too close to the build and suffocating the space around it and add a cliff image
which also balanced the space behind the house.

Filters remained the same but moved to a more warmer color, but the sky above steals the house focus.

Now I removed the backing totally to give more space around the house, replaced the bushes -didn’t like them- HDR sky with better position for the clouds, added back tree on the right and scaled it down as it’s leaves where very big.

Decreased most of the effects, added sharp glow, now there is more intensity to the scene and focus on the big walls, which is the finished shot, although it could have more tuning, but decided this is enough for this scene and rather to start a new one than keep tuning endlessly.


There is not much setup in the scene, so here is one shot:

and that’s it for now.

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