After a long time working here is my next free time project, in which i try to recreate a real scene from a photo, it is a good practice, so if you didn’t do it make sure you do as it is amazingly hard to match, i gave up on getting it 100% exact thought, and proceeded with my thing, so let’s start.

This scene is a kids luxurious room, which is hard to design, as kids tend to be on the more chaotic fun side than on the disciplined one, the original photo was taken from HERE.

As my first attempt to do interiors, one thing that troubled me was the lighting, the problem was to get more lighting into the room:

Another one was the under curtain fabric that was limiting the outer sun light from filling the room even more:

Another problem was the shadow from the windows on the under curtain it looked very sharp, which made it look plain, so i added a windows size mesh light to give it more bouncing light. also used a single area lamp to light the interior in the same direction as the window, it also made shadows sharper.

I struggled also with color balance as there are more left side weight than the right side, so i changed the rug in the room to a more kiddish texture from HERE -it is hard to only rely on free textures- and made the frame and the curtain more pink to get it more balanced.

And the finished render with the new rug and little post processing -glow, color correction-

As always the lamps setup

And wire-frames

Also here is earlier failed attempts:

Well that’s it.

Now I’ll go searching for another free time project 🙂

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