Modeling architecture is easy, but to get your head over how it looks like from a single sketch is sometimes hard, you need to imagine the hidden details, this is a model of a sketch i found on the internet of a nice House, so lets start commenting:

STAGE 1 – Modeling:

basically this is simple extrude-match process, trying to get it as close as it can be to the sketch.

Here I’ve modeled new tall trees from the sketch, also a loaded model from the internet ‘archive3d’, added stone stairs which is simply a cube with subs plus little shaping and noise, also added an environment HDR sky, and tried to match a good view of the clouds with the scene mode.

I decided here that the tree model doesn’t work with the scene composition so i removed it, added bushes generated with the saplings-addon, which they are simply a normal tree bushed down to hide the trunk, not that good but enough for now, and I’ve also used ivy generator-addon -which is very hard to use 1st time, i mean the labels are from another space- to do an ivy on the walls, also tweaked the tall trees to give more details, added variation by sculpting manly to the high side of the hill as there will be grass on them soon.

STAGE 2 – Materials:

First box unwrapped the house, added simple glass material to the windows, wood to the roofs and the stair, tiles to the small wall up-hill and the house walls, chimney material which is a brick tiles, tree trunk material, but i couldn’t find something fro the branch-like leaves, and still doesn’t look good, the bushes and the ivy material is simple diffuse with an alpha, a random texture on the ground mixed with a brownish color.

STAGE 3 – Lighting+Rendering:

Now i add a sun lamp, fixed the wrong bump on the stone stair, added spots on the walls and simple area light in the building behind the glass to give it more interesting look, and a long long time went to get the grass look, i mean the cycles grass is awesome but it needs time -as always- for the 1st time to get it to a desirable stage, also added three simple modeled flowers with different colors and populated them using particles, one problem though appeared on the hill slope, the grass from a top view is very little -and you can’t put very high mounts without a supercomputer- while from a side view it accumulates well, so i did a simple trick without increasing the number:
-assigned a vertex-group with a weight of 0.1 to the ground.
-selected the hill and assigned a weight of 1.
-used this vertex-group as density map to the grass particles.
now the hill slope have 10 times the particles on the side viewed areas.

Here i further tweaked the sun light and grass, i changed the sun position to get better shadows and ranked it up, tuned the inner lights as it is should not be that strong in opposing sun light and turned off the spots, added trees in the back to match the windows glass, added a small rocks here and there.

STAGE 4 – Post Processing:

Now this is where thing start to get better, first i color tuned, increased contrast a bit, and using the compositor i added a vignette effect which concentrate the view to the house, what i sill don’t get is the tall trees!


I’ve replaced the tall trees with a tree texture and populated it by hand to cover the back line, although the tall trees break the deference vertically but now it looks better in general, also composited a the same tree texture over the grass to add shadows from the back, added a smoke to the chimney render in BI and then composited, decreased the saturation a little.


Now I’ve always wanted to do a night scene, but it turned out more of a dusk one at 1st, so i continued, basically i just removed the sun, repositioned the sky to get more romantic clouds, turned on inner lighting -in which i replaced the simple area light with chandelier- and the spots, i rendered the scene with well lit sky texture in advance to tweak it down in the compositor, also the vignette eats some light.

Post processed it with the same filters as to noon scene.

Another try with the textured trees, also removed light panels behind the windows

Still i wanted to do a night scene, changed the environment sky texture to a simple image texture -which took long time to position- because i didn’t find a good free ones, same filters as before with some little tweaks.




Scene trees:

and that’s it 🙂

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